10 Celebrity Crushes People Never Admit Having


We all have that one friend who becomes obsessed with a celebrity and never shuts up about them, but in other cases, people keep their celebrity crushes guarded. And whether it’s a fear of not looking cool or being ridiculed for being 30-years-old and still obsessing over the hair of every member of One Direction, many of us have celebrity crushes we would never admit to having.

With that in mind, we thought we’d profile 10 of them and make you feel even more guilty for having them.

1. Kim Kardashian

For someone who gained worldwide fame for a sex tape and little else, Kim Kardashian’s rise to superstardom has been nothing short of remarkable. Of course, it helps when Ryan Seacrest decides to produce a show about your family’s annoying exploits, but Kim is nonetheless a star with or without the show’s exposure, and if we’re honest, there’s one main reason: her looks.


Kim Kardashian’s voluptuous figure and brazen display of it has garnered her admirers across the world, with many men seeing Kim as their perfect type of girl. Not that they’d admit it. After all, people don’t want to be known for liking someone as jarring and annoying as Kanye West, and in many circles showing your appreciation for a reality star is frowned upon.

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