10 Stars Who Were Once Homeless

Whenever the term movie star is read a picture of a wealthy and famous person will come into the brain. But hardly ever a person can picture that the wealthy and famous person was once so lousy that he couldn’t manage a home or an condominium. Following is the checklist of stars who have been once homeless.

10. John Woo

10 Celebrities Who Were Once Homeless

John Woo is a Chinese born film director most greatly identified for his films, these kinds of as Mission Not possible 2, Damaged Arrow, and Windtalkers and so forth. Mr Woo had to witness a brutal party which occurred when he was seven. There had been a major hearth in Hong Kong on Xmas working day in 1953 which destroyed his property alongside with other 50,000 residents’ as well. He reported that they had lost every little thing and had to stay with no a property for almost a 12 months.

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