15 Celebrities Who Have Never Aged A Day

To always be young and pretty – isn’t that the dream? We all sort of wish we could just stop time and look young for the rest of lives, preferably always looking like we’re in our 20s. A lot of people would gladly sell their soul do the devil or be happy to chop off a limb if that meant they wouldn’t age. Unfortunately, looking young isn’t that easy. It takes a lot of effort for those who try. Eating healthy, exercising regularly, taking care of your skin – it all takes a lot of time and energy. Those who can afford it often go for cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery in order to look younger, but the results aren’t always as great or as long lasting as we wish.

Some Hollywood peeps have been born very lucky though. They just don’t seem to age. We know that they take care of themselves well, since looking great is pretty much their job. But it’s also important to remember that genetics play a large part in this. So let’s take a look at 10 celebs who don’t seem to age. These side by side pictures you’re about to see have been taken at least a decade apart. Some even a bit more.

1. Lucy Liu

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