These Beautiful Celebs Were Once Told They Were Too Ugly For Hollywood

Hollywood is brimming with gorgeous people. All the most famous actors and actresses we know look so perfect that it’s almost superhumen. It’s like they’re a step above us, mortal humans, and we can never achieve their level of beauty and poise. But do you know why this is the case? Because Hollywood has very high and, dare I say, harsh standards when it comes to looks. If you think it’s bad now, think about how bad it was say 50-60 years ago, when all the actors and actresses were white.
These days it’s starting to get better. People of color are getting to play big roles and people with more or less realistic body shapes are also getting parts in movies. However, those cases are few and far between. Just to show how ridiculous the Hollywood standards are – check out this list of gorgeous celebs who were deemed “too ugly” for Hollywood at the start of their career. Thank god they didn’t take it close to heart and persevered.

1. Reese Witherspoon

gorgeous-celebs-who-were-once-deemed-too-ugly-for-hollywood-01 gorgeous-celebs-who-were-once-deemed-too-ugly-for-hollywood-02When she first arrived at Hollywood, Reese was constantly told she wasn’t tall enough or beautiful enough at auditions. It might’ve broken someone else’s spirit, but not Reese’s. She was stubborn in her beliefs and just wouldn’t let comments like that bother her. She didn’t care about those opinions and kept going until she succeeded. Kinda like her character in Legally Blonde, right?

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