Building a Chicken Coop Review

build a chicken coop review

Building a chicken coop is an idea most of us have entertained. If you’ve ever considered building a chicken coop, you can choose from a few available options. One of them is to hire a professional contractor for your project. He might build your chicken coop in short order, but that comes for a price and you’ll probably have to pay a substantial amount of money for the service.

However, if you want to save money or you are on a tight budget, then you can use a chicken coop guide to work on your project yourself. In this manner, you can save more and at the same time, you will learn to be independent on building a chicken coop whenever you need to add more in future.

How To Build A Chicken Coop Overview

The Internet is a great source of information and, of course, you can find good chicken coop guides online as well. Some are free and some are not. So, which one to choose from the multitude of options available to you? None is as easy to follow and as comprehensive as “How to build a Chicken Coop” guide created by the architect John White. His system literally takes you by the hand and it explains in an easy to understand manner in a step-by-step process of building a chicken coop.

John White’s How To Build A Chicken Coop will teach you all the steps on how to build a premium chicken house, which lets you maintain up to 50 chickens. Your chicken coop will have the advantage of being very easy to maintain, clean and allow easy collection of eggs.

Product Details

The step-by-step guide covers the following topics:

  • The six important things you need to know before you start building a chicken house.
  • Several tips on how to choose your building site and how to select the best materials, which will make your building project easy and quick.
  • The guide also teaches you to build a portable chicken coop ark of small dimensions, which offers fertilizer everywhere you need it and makes cleaning simple.
  • It explains how to build a double-story chicken house of big dimensions, with a nesting area very easy to access and clean and a spacious run down bottom.
  • The guide teaches you how to extend any chicken coop and transform it into a free-range style enclosure.
  • John White explains in his guide how to choose the right breed of chicken for your desired egg production and for your climate.
  • The guide also explains how to obtain a self-sustaining flock, how to easily breed chickens and how to take care of the chicks.
  • John White gives you indications on how to design a chicken coop that will keep your chicken warm even in the coldest climates.
  • The guide teaches you how to protect your chicken from predators such as foxes, coyotes, hawks, cats, and many others more.
  • John White warns you in his guide about the eight foods that can harm your chicken and anything that needs to be always avoided.
  • You will also discover in the guide what you need to do in case that your chickens get sick, will find out what are the two most common chicken health problems and what are the recommended methods of treatment. Therefore, you do not always need to seek for medical help from the veterinarian.
  • Each of the chicken coop plans leads you step-by-step with detailed and easy to understand instructions.
  • No matter if you are just a beginner or more experienced, the guide is useful for anyone who wants to keep his chickens safe and healthy.
  • The guide is comprehensive and covers in addition to the chicken coop plans and instructions on building them, useful information on raising chickens, avoiding beginner’s errors, keeping your chicken in perfect state.
  • John White’s guide also includes a list of materials to use in your building project, and a list of basic tools and equipment that are required.
  • The guide also covers the proper arrangements for feeding your chickens.
  • All the instructions are taking into account the chicken’s daily habits of nesting, feeding, bathing, and playing in order to create the best environment for them.
  • Being a professional architect, John White gives you top-notch building designs that are reliable and accurate. Overall, the guide contains 19 different chicken coop designs customized for different number of chickens to be raised.

You might have noticed that this list of topics is very detailed and very helpful for anyone who uses this guide.


The main advantage of John White’s How To Build A Chicken Coop is that it is comprehensive guide that covers not only the building process itself but also all the aspects involved in raising chicken. The purchase of the guide gives you access to several bonuses, including access to forums where you can consult with other people. You also gain access to training videos that take you step-by-step through the entire process of building chicken coops. Compared with other competitor guides on building chicken coops, John White’s How To Build A Chicken Coop definitely offers you great value and everything that you need to know about raising chicken, as well as taking care of them in a proper way. Hence, you can increase your profits and become confident that you can be successful with the business with the help of the guide.


We could not find any disadvantages or fault of buying John White’s How To Build A Chicken Coop guide and we highly recommend it to all those who are interested in raising their own chickens, especially those who are in the business of poultry like selling meat and eggs—even selling chicks for those who wish to start their own in raising chickens eventually for business or personal purposes.


The John White’s How To Build A Chicken Coop guide is the best guide out there that has been produced so far. It has comprehensive, understandable and easy to follow steps for all users and readers. And it is also recommended that this guide should be read first before creating the chicken coop to avoid future and common mistakes. You should remember that mistakes have their own price as well.

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