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How to sell my structured settlement

Structured settlement payments are not unpredictable; existence just isn’t. If your situation can enhance but you rely in your normal repayments, you could possibly have marked down trying to sell your annuity payments for money as you value the protection of obligations that were reliable. You should be aware of that you just don’t need to choose from the dependability of obligations that are guaranteed as well as the advantages of a cash infusion – you will find alternatives for individuals exactly like you that will give both to you.

Trying to sell your repayments for an extra increase that is fiscal doesn’t must be a one-shot deal. You’ve got the possibility of trying to sell just some of your overall resolution honor to deal with that need but still keep normal repayments for those who really have a sudden financial need.

To know how your lifetime can be improved by trying to sell some of your structured settlement, consider the instance of Kristen. Kristen never built a profession of her very own and wed young, determined by on her behalf husband for revenue. When she discovered her husband have been murdered in an automobile wreck, her lifestyle was flipped ugly one snowy Feb day. Another motorist was at problem – driving way too fast for Kristen and the climate efficiently charged, producing a one-million money settlement that will be paid over two decades to her.

Having consistently counted on on her behalf husband to deal with the family finances, Kristen loved the reliability of structured that was steady settlement obligations that enabled her to keep a budget she can follow. Then she got ill. Truly ill. She found himself gradually drowning indebt, as her doctor’s bills accumulated. Her carefully-planned budget according to payments that were foreseeable had not become useful when confronted with life’s volatility.

She wanted assist quickly and –. She’d the substitute for offer her structured-settlement obligations for funds but was frightened of losing her revenue that is trustworthy. With small familiarity with rare choices in the labor market and handling financing, she was frightened of getting worse-off over time. That’s when she approached us and discovered that she can spend off her health-related expenditures and maintain the repayments she counted on. She found that marketing her repayments didn’t indicate she needed to promote her whole resolution for just one lump-sum. She can promote element of her resolution but nevertheless obtain revenue that is constant for the rest.
Grounds for Cashing In Your Resolution

For his or her resolutions are altered, the reasons people select to choose for funds. You may, like Kristen, get an unforeseen and instant demand that appears, including an alteration in conditions or health-related expenditures. You may also want the amount to fund opportunities that may enhance your lifetime as time goes by, like starting a company or heading back to college.

No matter your unique scenario, understand that we now have alternatives open to aid you should the demand arise. Don’t delay significant lifestyle choices mainly since you don’t desire to get rid of the safety of your structured-settlement obligations or endure through fiscal hardship. Circumstances are reviewed by us on a customer-by-customer foundation and can provide the finest answer for the specific to you whether that signifies trying to sell just or all a part of your resolution that is given.

For those who really have a sudden financial need however, are cautious of dropping your ordered repayments, either by telephone or e-mail and we’ll enable you to assess your circumstance and determine whether or maybe not attempting to sell all or some of your repayments is suitable for you personally.

Hi Jennifer, thank you for speaking with us today. Can you tell us how you first got into the structured settlement buying industry?

My pleasure. I sought out employment in the industry right after college because I wanted my work to have a meaningful impact on people’s lives. I got a job right away with one of the largest structured settlement annuity buyers in the country – you’ve no doubt seen their commercials – and was so excited to start helping people achieve financial freedom and to live their lives the way they wanted. Unfortunately, my employer didn’t share the same vision.

Can you elaborate on how your vision differed from your employer’s?

Absolutely. When I started out, I completed a training program that really had nothing to do with understanding the structured settlement annuity buyer industry and everything to do with how to sell. Years ago, my uncle had sold his structured settlement and squandered the money, leaving him destitute in his later years, so I knew from experience there were right reasons and wrong reasons to sell a structured settlement or annuity. The training focused on none of this – instead, we learned how to use high-pressure selling techniques to generate as many sales as possible, regardless of the impact on the customer. This was not the reason I got into the industry. I wanted to help people avoid the same pitfalls as my uncle, and not pressure them into making the same mistakes.

choosing the right structured settlement annuity buyerWhen you started working as a customer service rep, did you try and impart your values on the selling process and help customers to make an educated decision?

I did, and was punished for it. The company I worked for rewarded quantity, not quality, and I suffered financially as a result of helping customers make the best decision for them. The customer service reps who drove the most volume, which means transacting the most sales, were rewarded with bonuses and trips. What no one seemed to be paying attention to was that a high percentage of these ‘sales’ were to customers who later regretted the decision and actually ended up worse off in the long run. In my case, I evaluated each potential customer’s situation individually and only recommended they sell if I felt it was indeed in their best interest. As such, my sales numbers were consistently lower than my peers’ and I was constantly chastised by my superiors and lived in daily fear of losing my job.

Did this environment force you to change your behavior and compromise your moral beliefs?

Of course it did. I wanted to help people, but I also wanted to eat. So eventually I started pressuring everyone to sell, regardless of his or her situation. At first I was able to rationalize my behavior, as I was only acting on survival instincts; that is until I started to see the ramifications of my actions. One story that I will never forget haunts me to this day. A woman had called me looking to sell her annuity; she wanted to go on a European vacation with her boyfriend. This was of course a terrible reason to sell an annuity, but I helped her anyway. Several years later, that same woman contacted me. She and the boyfriend had eventually broken up and her situation had drastically changed – she was now a single mother of two and had recently lost her job. If she still had her annuity payments, she could have sustained herself and her family until she found a new job, but with no savings and no other income, she was now forced to sell her home. I tried for a long time to deflect the blame and not feel personally responsible for what had happened to her, but it didn’t work. Eventually, the guilt became too much and I quit my job.

Do you have any advice for people looking to find the right structured settlement annuity buyer?

I do. Don’t buy into the hype that the larger structured settlement annuity buyers are trying to sell. Memorable commercials and glitzy advertising will not get you the results you are looking for. The best structured settlement annuity buyer to work with is the one that actually focuses on your needs and works with you – not sells to you – to try and devise the best possible plan for your particular circumstances. Now, when people ask me for advice when selling their structured settlement or annuity, I direct them to a structured settlement company that is dedicated to acting in its customers’ best interests and the one with which I wish I had started my career

Structured settlement companies

If you currently receive payments from an annuity or structured settlement, you can receive a structured settlement cash out, which can help you get through winter more comfortably.

The bottom line is, winter is definitely here. That statement has never been truer, because on the east coast, one of the heaviest snowfalls in recent history came rearing through. As evidenced by the storm, freezing temperatures, icy roads, and mounds of snow can be a real drag—but winter generally doesn’t have to be all bad news.

When winter comes, there’s no bigger priority than staying warm. The heavy jackets come out, layers come on, and the heat goes up – way up. While turning up your thermostat can keep you toasty warm on even the coldest of days, it’s also going to run up your heating bill. Faced with rising heating costs, many people simply turn down the heat, layer up, and deal with the cold. While this may save money, it’s uncomfortable and lowered temperatures may make your family more susceptible to illness, especially children and the elderly. Instead of suffering through winter, why not get a structured settlement cash out to help cover the increased costs of heating your home?

The payment you receive from a structured settlement cash out will provide you and your family with the heat and comfort you need.

Save Money During Structured Settlement Cash Out

Structured Settlement Cash OutEven though a structured settlement cash out can provide you with the money you need to cover winter heating bills, it’s always a plus when you can save money.

There are lots of different ways you can winterize your home in order to keep the cold out and the warmth in; this in turn helps keep heating costs down as you don’t need as much heat to keep your home at a decent temperature. However, home improvements can also be expensive. Something as simple as applying cocking to windows can add up depending on how many windows are in your home. However, investing in winterizing your home now will help keep you warm and save you money for years to come. A structured settlement cash out provides you with the lump sum cash payment you need to ensure your home is properly winterized and that you and your family will stay warm and comfortable for many winters to come.

A structured settlement cash out can also help prepare you for one of the most treacherous aspects of winter – winter driving.

Driving on snow and ice-covered roads increases the chance of an accident and makes driving much more difficult. Without properly preparing your car for winter driving, you put yourself and others on the road at risk.

By receiving a structured settlement cash out, you can winterize your car, making it safe for you and those around you. For starters, if you live in an area that typically gets snow, purchase snow tires and have them installed in November, or earlier if snow falls before then. Also, ensure you have anti-freeze windshield washer fluid (and a back up!), a sturdy ice scrapper, and an emergency set of hat, mitts, and jacket should you find yourself stranded.

Sell my structured settlement payments

If you’ve decided to sell your structured settlement, you’ve no doubt found a myriad of structured settlement buyers, each claiming that they can give you the most cash for your payments. From late-night TV ads to giant billboards, there’s no shortage of ways that funding companies will try and grab your attention. But how do you know which structured settlement buyer is truly the best choice for you?

If you think that all structured settlement buyers are the same – think again. There are many firms that act outside their customers’ best interests to turn out as many deals as possible with little regard to the long-term consequences for the sellers. Taking the time upfront to evaluate your options and choosing to work with a reputable buyer will save you hassle, hidden costs, and lots of aggravation down the road.

When choosing your funding company, you’ll want to ensure you deal with a buyer that has your best interests at heart, not simply their bottom line. The best structured settlement buyers will undoubtedly have the following attributes: quick follow-up; knowledge of the process and transparency.

Quick Follow-Up
How quickly an agent or customer service representative responds to your initial request can be a good indication of how you will be treated throughout the rest of your relationship with that structured settlement buyer. Many funding companies lure in customers with promises of instant cash (e.g. JG Wentworth’s famous slogan, “It’s my money and I want it now!”), but fail to adequately prepare customers for the reality that the process will take weeks, sometimes even months, to complete. Many customers find themselves in trouble after they’ve made plans for their cash settlement based on a much shorter time frame than what actually materialized.

best structured settlement buyersAt, we respond promptly to each and every request for information we receive. Whether a customer is ready to sell their structured settlement or is simply looking for information, we make sure their request is followed up on in a timely fashion and that they are fully aware of timelines involved in the process.

Some structured settlement buyers are interested in one thing only – volume. They want to transact as many deals as possible, regardless of the implication for their customers. Dealing with a structured settlement buyer like this — one that aggressively encourages you to sell without properly informing you of the process or your options, can have a disastrous impact on your long-term financial health. has helped hundreds of customers successfully sell their structured settlements for cash, and we ensure each and every one has made an informed, intelligent decision for their future. We evaluate your personal circumstances and help you decide whether selling your structured settlement is the right choice for you and thoroughly explain your options.


Structured settlement sellers beware: if your structured settlement buyer is offering you a deal that seems too good to be true, it most likely is. Many unsuspecting customers get sucked into clever marketing pitches that promise huge payouts for structured settlement sellers; however, these payouts rarely materialize. Hidden costs and bank deposits that are less than promised leave many customers with much less than they expected, and little recourse with which to collect.

When you get a quote, you can rest assured that what you see will be what you get. We keep our customers fully informed of the structured settlement buying process and any fees or costs they will incur along the way. Most importantly, we ensure final payouts meet or exceed our customers’ expectations so there are never any unexpected surprises.

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