music lessons for children

Playing musical instruments is an important part of childhood

Many children grow up playing a musical instrument. In fact, it’s not unusual for a child to try several instruments before they graduate from High School. While...

10 projects you’ve never thought about that will completely transform your home.

From fixing up your fifth wall to giving your bathroom a new look, check out ten weekend paint projects to spruce up your space. When you walk into...
how to read body language

How to read body language

Make good first impressions, ace your job interview, and have a great first date with tips to interpreting body language from expert Janine Driver. The First 30 Seconds When...
start potty training now

The right time to start potty training may be sooner than you think

Some parents who may be having trouble with potty training might consider the phrase “easy potty training” an oxymoron. As a parent myself, I had an extremely...
merge styles with your mate

How to merge styles with your mate without killing each other

Decorating a home is an exciting and fun experience, unless you and your mate can’t agree on color, size, shape, style or anything else. In Laurie Puhn’s...

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