Dog Fighting ‘Bait Dog’ Rescued and Finally Getting The Love He Needs


Rambo the pit bull was found nearly dead in the woods in South Carolina by realtor Casey Lawrence, who happened upon him by accident after she got lost showing a house. From his injuries, he was most likely a ‘bait dog’ used for dog fighting.

The unfortunate pit bull had his hind legs amputated. He’s currently recouperating from the first surgery and several more are ahead of him. Still, Rambo wags his tail and delights in all the toys and affections that he gets at the clinic and from his new adoptive parents.. He’s never had so much love before!

As a naturally shy dog who was too submissive to fight, he used to be tied up so other dogs could practice fighting on him. Now he can finally be the wonderful pet he is supposed to be. For the moment, Rambo has a wheelchair, however, the vets are working hard to make him able to run without one.

Rambo the pit bull was found near death in the woods in South Carolina…

Dog fighting bait dog rescue with amazing veterinarians

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