10 projects you’ve never thought about that will completely transform your home.

From fixing up your fifth wall to giving your bathroom a new look, check out ten weekend paint projects to spruce up your space.

When you walk into your local Lowe’s or paint store, do you get overwhelmed by the rows of color chips? Are you the type that ducks past the color paint and heads straight for a safe white shade? The amount of paint choices can be daunting, but color paint is a great way to refresh your home and give each room character. Here are ten weekend paint projects to spruce up your space:

1. Fix Up Your Fifth Wall
Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, and the colors should be calm and reflective. If your bedroom needs a makeover, consider painting your fifth wall – the ceiling. The color of your ceiling matters just as much as the color on your four walls! Painting a ceiling brings a focal point to the room and adds color without overpowering the space. Try a neutral, peaceful color, like Valspar’s Pale Lilac Grey.

2. Bathroom Refresh
It’s a painting myth that you can’t paint small spaces dark colors. If you’re tired of the white or neutral colored walls in your bathroom, try a dark paint color like Valspar’s Chocolate. Let your small space make a statement! Want to test-drive colors before committing to a specific shade? Check out Valspar’s Virtual Painter, upload a photo of your bathroom, and experiment with color schemes.

3. Floor Refinish
You can paint floors, as long as you prime and paint correctly! Just about any flooring surface can be painted – concrete, ceramic title, sheet vinyl, vinyl tile, wood. A good floor paint option is Valspar’s Latex Floor and Porch paint, but discuss with a paint pro what works best for your surface. After you’ve painted your floor, make sure to coat the surface with at least three thin coats of clear urethane. You’ll preserve your painted surface and keep the floor looking sleek.

4. Mismatched Glassware Makeover
Have mismatched glassware that’s tucked away in your cabinets? Paint your mismatched glassware the same color and put it on display! Painting your glassware and displaying it throughout the room is a great way to take items you already own and use them in a new way to accessorize a space. You don’t have to stick with ceramics – you can paint all kinds of knick knacks and collectables. For an easy application, try using spray paint on your glassware.

5. Accent Table Furniture Fix
There’s some furniture that should never be painted, such as heirloom or vintage pieces. But you CAN paint furniture that doesn’t have high craftsmanship or monetary value. Not sure if your furniture is valuable? Check the piece for dovetailing, and determine whether the seams have been glued or screwed. If there’s dovetailing or screwed seams, put the paintbrush down! Otherwise, pick a bright color and turn your accent table, coffee table, or bureau into a statement piece. If you’re going through the trouble of painting something, it should have a high impact! Before you start, determine the surface of your furniture. Visit your local hardware store and ask a paint pro to recommend the type of paint–and step-by-step process–that will work best for your surface. For tips on stripping wooden furniture, visit Valspar’s guide to stripping wooden furniture here.

6. High-End Looks for Headboards
Want an inexpensive alternative to an upholstered headboard? Consider giving your old or plain headboard a new look with a few coats of paint or a painted stencil design. Painting your headboard creates a beautiful, high-end look in your space and can revive your entire bedroom.

7. Door Redo
Time to reconsider your entryways! Painting the door of a room is a great way to make a big change to your space (and to make a good first impression.) You can paint interior or exterior doors, and often you can paint your door right on the hinges. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, paint one side of your door and leave the other side unpainted. For tips on how to paint your door, visit Valspar’s door painting guide here.

8. Fix Up Mirror Frames
Easily update your mirrors by painting the frames! The project should take under an hour and it’s a great way to add new, colorful touches to your space. Be sure to tape out the inside of the mirror with painters tape in case you mistakenly paint outside the lines!

9. Kitchen Cabinet Cleanup
Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and your cabinets take a lot of abuse. Painted kitchen cabinets can transform the entire space. Get the step-by-step guide to a kitchen cabinet paint makeover here.

10. Bookshelf Backdrop
While you may be inclined to paint the outside of your bookshelves, you can make a bigger statement in a room by painting just the inside of your shelving. Painting the back of your bookshelf will provide a unique backdrop to the treasured items you have displayed on your shelves! 

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