How to get longer eyelashes without using extensions

get longer eyelashes

Eye lashes are not only great for flirting but they also serve an important function of protecting the eyes from dirt and insects. If you want to know how to grow longer lashes, your lifestyle is just as important as synthetic growth enhancers.

But first, some important basic information on eye lash enhancement. Did you know that each eye lash stays for approximately three months before falling off and giving way to new ones? That’s right. And contrary to widespread belief that babies have more and thicker eyelashes than adults, everyone is born with a fixed set of follicles whose number does not change with aging.

The reason kids look like they have thicker longer lashes is likely an illusion that stems from their eyes looking larger and their heads smaller. Of course, certain practices (e.g. tugging at the lashes) and medical conditions (such as thyroid ailments) may cause some eye lashes to fall off permanently. Most times, the eye lashes will fall off for the same reason (sometimes simultaneously) that hair in other parts of the body will do so.

Poor diet, consistently high stress levels, chemotherapy and blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids) can cause eye lash shrinkage and loss. Leaving mascara on overnight causes eye lashes to become brittle and easily breakable. Water proof mascara is especially detrimental since it ‘suffocates’ the eyelashes causing drying.

Apply eyelash remover the right way

To preserve and grow longer thicker lashes, only use gentle removers to get rid of mascara. Adopt a dabbing or padding technique as opposed to pulling and rubbing which will only increase the odds of breaking any long eyelashes you already have. When applying mascara and you want to remove the any lumps that form, get rid of the lumps when they are still wet as they will slide off easily with minimal strain to your eyelashes.

And always replace your mascara tubes regularly. Doing so every three months is considered best practice. Mascara tubes that have been in use for too long become a magnet for germs and may lead to eyelid infections. In case you get an eye infection, dispose of or thoroughly sanitize any part of your make up kit that came into contact with your eyes. If you ever need to use a lash curler, be certain that the curler is not inadvertently tugging at your eyelids.

Use an eyelash conditioner

Conditioning hair is an age old practice of firmer, stronger and healthier hair. The same applies to the eyelashes. By applying a thin layer of jelly such as Vaseline on your eyelids right before you sleep, your long eyelashes will remain soft but strong.

There are special eye lash enhancements and conditioners available over-the-counter that contain keratin, biotin and other proteins in addition to the moisturizer. The proteins envelope each eye lash thus reinforcing it while the moisturizers keep each lash soft and supple. If applied consistently and correctly, the right conditioners can be so effective that thicker longer lashes may be evident in a couple of weeks.

You could always go for eye lash extensions but some extensions end up yanking out some of your original lashes when they are removed thus making the problem worse. 

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