“Secrets to Dog Training” gets results with even the worst-behaved dogs

secrets to dog training review

One of the best in fact, the best resource I have located for training dogs with substandard behavior is Secrets to Dog Training. But before I tell you all about this wonderful program, let me first tell you why I was looking in the first place.

Initially I set out to find help with a very specific behavior problem – my dog likes to pull at the leash when we’re walking, until I can’t decide who’s walking who and although I found the help I was looking for in Secrets to Dog Training, I discovered a whole lot more as well.

Since I bought it I can fully appreciate why it’s outsold all other dog training guides available, on top of that secrets to dog training now comes with a video to accompany the e-book. Written by Daniel Stevens, highly experienced and renowned dog trainer, Secrets to Dog Training is a very comprehensive course, which covers aspects of dog ownership and all the factors that come with it.

If you want a well behaved pet then I encourage you to give this a go, it’s fun and it’s great to see your dog making progress, I used secrets to dog training on my Labrador puppy and everyone comments on how cute, well behaved and obedient she is.

The book is 261 pages and is full of detailed information from assessing your pets problems to fixing them, included is step by step guides and pictures to go along with the instructions that have been tried and tested by the author and dog trainers.

Secrets To Dog Training overview

The program, written by Daniel Stevens, is an e-book which should be mandatory reading for all dog owners who are experiencing behavior problems with their dog (and really, who hasn’t experienced problems) and to groom them into the perfect dog. In it you’ll find page after page of information, detailing the exact steps you should take as a pet owner to prevent and put an end to a whole host of unwanted pet habits, including how to stop stop your dog from barking, digging and how to stop dog aggression. Also included is a list of things you’re probably doing right now with your dog that you should stop doing immediately. Did you know, for instance, that you should never use the word “come” when you are calling your dog for the purpose of discipline? This will only confuse your dog and make him hesitant to respond to that command in the future. Who knew?

What you learn with the program

  • How to stop your dog from trying to fight with other dogs.
  • All the secrets of the world’s best dog trainers.
  • Housebreaking tips which can train your dog quickly to only go to the bathroom outside.
  • How to stop your dog from jumping up on you and your guests.
  • What you can do to cure separation anxiety and ensure your dog behaves when you’re not at home.
  • How to stop incessant barking that annoys the neighbors.
  • And more…

The book starts with a guide to vaccinations and general pet health, nutrition, making your house puppy proof, grooming, house training, veterinary guide, etc.). This a small introduction to some of the points covered inside secrets to dog training.

The book contains several training techniques including dog whispering, clicker coaching, collar coaching, and crate training, to name a few. Then the book moves onto dealing with behavioral problems like aggressive behavior, biting, chewing, jumping, digging, barking, etc. Also included in this manual are case studies for each respective problem, I found this interesting as I love a story!

The next section covers dog body language, it shows that in order to get the best behavior out of your dog you need to show it who is the ‘alpha dog’. To do this secrets to dog training explains dog facial expressions and body language. This section includes pictures thankfully! I’m not going to go through the whole book with you but it’s fair to say it’s very comprehensive and detailed.

The Secrets to Dog Training package

Every bad behavior you can think of, complete with a step-by-step, easy to follow method for curing it, can be found in the program, and with hundreds of color photos, you can see for yourself the proper body language, posture and hand signals used by the professionals.

Along with the Secrets to Dog Training e-book, you’ll also get a 30-minute video with lots of great training tips you can try today; the Secrets to Dog Training 6-day Course, highlighting some of the more common behavior problems and how to stop them; and membership into the Secrets to Dog Training Online Forum, for 24-hour access to dog owners just like yourself. You get all this, believe it or not, for only $39.95.

How it helped me

Oh and by the way, my dog’s problem of pulling me on the leash? Since reading and putting into the practice the techniques outlined in Secrets to Dog Training, my four-legged friend now stays by my side on every single walk and stops by my side the moment I come to a halt. Six years I’ve owned this dog and finally he obeys me.

If you have a problem pooch, I suggest you take a look at the Secrets to Dog Training program: the absolute best program I have found anywhere for curbing unwanted behaviors.

I was skeptical about buying a guide to dog training, I was unsure whether it would work but I have to say that Secrets to Dog Training has been worth every penny – in fact, I’m amazed that for $39.95 there is books of this caliber available, I spoke to the trainer on a few occasions and I particularly enjoyed that he was able to tailer advice specifically to my labrador.

The language used in this book is very easy to understand and it’s well formatted that makes it readable and easy topick up and put down when you just want to have a quick read.

Secrets to Dog Training gives instructions for all types of behaviors to just teaching tricks, and it’s applicable to all dog breeds and ages. It’s nice to know that should I choose to get another dog that’s older I could teach it the same way with the same results!

Secrets to Dog Training also offers the reader a 60 day money back guarantee if you don’t feel it has worked for you.

As I have already mentioned, Secrets of Dog Training offers outstanding value; however, there’s even more being offered… When you buy secrets to dog training you will receive free audio books and 5 additional e-books that cover dog aggression, grooming, security training, dog house training, and secrets to becoming the alpha dog. As well as the new video that has recently been included.


I imagine you’ve seen how impressed I was. I thought I understood my pet before, but after reading secrets to dog training I realized how little I actually knew. The material in this book is comprehensive but easy to understand. This book isn’t just for dogs with behavioral problems, it can be used to train your dog or just to improve your relationship with them.

If you own a dog or puppy or are considering one I strongly recommend this book to further your knowledge of your pets emotions and to enjoy your pet much more!

To learn more about this program, you can visit the website.

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