Essential closet organization hacks for chronic hoarders

Our closets say a lot about us. Closets, regardless of their size, give insight into our wants, needs, and character traits (both good and bad!) Whether you like it or not, our closets reveal who we truly are. I’m not just talking about your coat closet…I’m talking about all your storage spots, including your dresser drawers, shelf space, and even that kitchen junk drawer. Ask yourself:

1. Are you organized? Do you know where everything is?
2. Are you hoarding? If so, why?
3. Did you really need to buy that hat?

Our closets can even act as indicators of long term moods, as well as determine them. Nobody likes to be messy. We all have our reasons…busy schedules, not enough room, and so on. Take the time and effort to clean up that closet clutter and you will improve the quality of life in your home dramatically. Once you’re organized, you’ll be motivated to tackle other home DIY challenges. Trust me. I know. Here are 10 ideas to get you started:

1. Don’t be a hoarder. Get rid of the stuff you know you will never use by…

  • Donating the clothes or items to a deserving charity that will make use of them. It’s also a tax write off.
  • Holding a yard sale and getting to know the neighbors. Make some “fun” money and get the kids involved.
  • Throwing worthless and broken items away. You’ll never fix it if it’s not fixed by now.

2. Consider cabinets for storage if you’re out of real closet space.

You get more options with cabinets than you would in an ordinary closet interior. Dual purpose cabinets are ideal. Think TV/ storage cabinet. Think outside the box. Consider cabinet doors on the sections you don’t need to see inside. Don’t be afraid to tweak an existing wall unit to your specific storage needs.

3. Install shelving, invest in plastic storage boxes, and label everything!

Labeling is an easy and inexpensive organizational tool. A labeller is an amazing gadget and you will use it daily.

4. See the empty wall in your garage? Use it!

Install shelves and add hooks to empty garage walls. Browse online for amazing garage storage options. A hanging wire basket unit for sneakers and cleats is one of many options.

5. A double-hanging closet organizer can give you twice as much closet space.

Inside a closet can give you twice as much hanging. Measure 44″ from the floor on center then measure up another 44″. Leave 3″ for the hanger to clear up at the top. Make it shelves.

6. Consider designating a winter drawer where you’ll keep all of your winter hats, gloves, and scarves.

These are the things we always lose and get replaced during the holidays. One drawer per family member is ideal.

7. If you’re still short on space, rent space in an off-site storage facility.

It’s not as expensive as you may think.

8. Organize your clothes by season, grouping spring with summer and fall with winter.

Find a storage area for your off-season items, maybe on a metal clothing rack with wheels. I keep my off-season clothes in the boiler room, It works!

9. Add partitions within drawers.

By dividing each drawer into sections, you’ll find it’s easier to stay organized, and you’ll create additional storage options.

10. Most importantly, plan your path to an organized space and start out small.

Just like measuring twice, and cutting once, the key to good organization is good planning. Measure the amount of available inches you have to store books, sweaters, shoes, long coats, suits, jackets, and whatever else you feel needs to be stored more efficiently, count what you have, and do the math.

If you’re organized at home, it will domino into all the other aspects of your life. You’ll feel good if you know where things are, and know they’re stored properly for future use. So if your closets can’t keep a secret, then maybe it’s time to do something about it! 

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