Top 10 Celebrity Blonde vs. Brunette Hair Transformations

Hair color is such a trivial thing, yet in showbiz it can make or break your career. A lot of times the famous celebrities you know and love have changed their hair color in order to further their career and achieve success. Being blonde will make the chances of getting the role of a romantic interest in a film way more likely. Being a brunette, however might get you a strong, determined female character in a movie. We’re not saying those are the rules, but these things happen quite often. Actresses are often required to change their hair color for a role, but on occasion they just do it for fun. Let’s take a look at 10 celebs who have been both blonde and brunette and you can decide for yourself which suited them more.

1. Kim Kardashian
We’re used to Kim having thick, dark locks. She changed her hairstyles a lot, cutting her hair into a long bob, growing it out, having bangs, curling, straightening, slicking and braiding her hair in a multitude of ways, but the fact that her hair is dark remained a constant. Until that one time when she went blonde, slicked her hair back at the sides and looked a bit like Draco Malfoy. But despite all the jokes and memes, with a normal hairstyle she looks cute as a blonde, don’t you think?

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