Top 21 Celebrity Nose Job Before and After Photos

These are Some of the Best Celebrity Nose Jobs in Hollywood

Celebrities, even with  fame and fortune, have to be at the sharp with looks and ability all at once. Having the perfect appearance from bottom to top is a test and often leads famous people to go to extremes to make sure that they meet the standard. Many spend tons of bucks to undergo surgery for both small and large physical traits: to enhance their tushes, lift their wrinkles, or tweak their schnozes.

If a celebrity’s nose job doesn’t look like a tucan beak, it’s likely no one will notice, but when you’re trying to stay on top in Hollywood, every little bit counts.  Want to know what celebs have had rhinoplasty?

Here’s a list of 21 famous people (out of the thousands) that  have gotten some great looking results and some, who, to be honest probably should have stuck with the old nose. Let’s have a look at the list…

#1 – Courtney Love

courtney love celebrity nose job before and after pictureCourtney Love (Real name Courtney Harrison) is a  singer most famoous for her marriage to Nirvana singer, Kurt Cobain. She also led her own band, called Hole. Love has been active in the music arena since she was seventeen. She has had many run ins with drugs, which comes with the terrain when you’re a rock star.

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