Top 21 Celebrity Plastic Surgeries That Went Horribly Wrong

Cosmetic surgery, while a “foreign word” for many of us, is just a regular thing to do among famous people. From Botox injections, to rhinoplasty, and to drastic makeovers, almost every celebrity has undergone the knife once or twice. Unfortunately, one or two are just not enough for some of these rich and famous. Check out the grotesque results.

1. Amanda Lepore

bad celebrity plastic surgery photo

Dubbed by many as the “Queen of all Plastic Surgery” started experimenting with plastic surgery at 19. Since then, she’s gone on to enjoy huge amounts of success in both modeling and acting. But, it seems that her success went a bit too much into her head and she let her affinity for plastic surgery get the best of her. As a result, she looks far from what she looked like when she posed for the French Playboy a decade or so ago.

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