Use these five natural methods to improve fertility after 40

pregnancy after 40

These days, an increasing number of women are putting off having children until later in life. With many focused on career or simply enjoying their lives, the desire to have children often doesn’t occur until they reach 40. Other women would have preferred to have children earlier on but did not find a suitable partner until now. There are many advantages to delaying having children. Older parents can typically offer a more stable and financial secure environment. But among the advantages to delaying child birth, fertility is not one of them.

Studies have shown that the risk of infertility rises by 25% after the age of 35. That does not mean that getting pregnant at 40 is impossible. Some women find getting pregnant at 40 as easy as it would be in their twenties. And for those women who have tried to get pregnant but struggled, there are natural approaches you can take to increase the chance of conception.

Below we are going to look in detail at those natural approaches to improving fertility. By implementing the methods detailed, it is possible to still get pregnant even if you are 40 or above.

1. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a form of traditional Chinese medicine which involves inserting needles at key meridian points on the body. Acupuncture is based on the principle that there are flows of energy or qi, that travel throughout our body. When the flow of energy becomes obstructed, we can use the needles to release those blocks. Acupuncture has been used from as early 3000 B.C. to treat a variety of medical problems, including infertility.

Even if you do not find the arguments about unblocking energy flows to be credible you should still keep an open mind about whether this could help you with improving fertility. Studies performed on people who undertake acupuncture show that afterwards their endorphin levels have been raised. The effect of this not only reduces stress, it also helps to promote overall good health and physical repair.

2. Eat the right foods

In a landmark study conducted by Harvard School of Public Health that looked at 17,000 women, it was shown that eating certain foods increased fertility rates. These fertility enhancing foods include:

High Fiber, Low Glycemic Foods: This includes foods such as vegetables and whole wheats. It also means avoiding highly processed carbohydrates such as bread, biscuits, crackers and baked goods. The reason why high fiber, low glycemic foods promote fertility is because of the moderating effect that have on blood and insulin levels. Processed carbohydrates, in contrast, actually cause blood sugar levels to spike, which can have a damaging effect on fertility.

High Vegetable Protein/Low Animal Protein: Another food factor that increases the chance of fertility is decreasing the amount of animal protein in your diet, such as pork, steak and chicken, while increasing the amount of animal protein, such as beans.

Increase Monosaturated Fats: Not all fats are harmful. Monosaturated fats such as olive oil and avocado are not only good for your overall health, they are also good for getting pregnant as well.

Eating High Fat Dairy Products: The study also showed that eating high fat dairy products such as ice cream or cheese increased the chances of pregnancy. These foods should be eaten in moderation both for health reasons and the sake of your waist line.

3. Increase sex frequency around ovulation

Sperm can survive in the female reproductive tract for up to 5 days. This means that it is important to increase the frequency of sex both during the time you’re ovulating and before and after. If your partner is suffering from a low sperm count, then it is recommended that you have sex, every second day during this period. Having sex every day will reduce the quality of the sperm. If your partner’s sperm count is normal then you can have sex everyday.

In order to maximize your chances of getting pregnant you must have a definite reading of when you are ovulating. The easiest way to do this accurately is with an Ovulating Predicting Kit. These can be bought over the counter from a pharmacy. There are two main types of ovulating predicting kits; the older and cheaper versions use a color stick to indicate ovulation. The newer kits use a digital read out. If your budget extends to it, you can purchase a fertility monitor. These typically cost a few hundred dollars but they will tell you up to 7 days when you are fertile.

4. Take up Yoga

There is a strong link between stress and getting pregnant at 40 or above. Even those women who are undergoing fertility treatments, typically see an improved probably of conception, if they reduce the levels of stress in their life. Stress changes the way our body regulates our hormones. This in turn effects ovulation and egg fertilization.

One of the major causes of stress for women in their forties is their job. While it is not advisable for you to quit your job, it may be a good idea to see how you could structure your work differently so that you are able to reduce the level of stress you experience.

This is by no means the only way to reduce stress. One of the best ways to reduce stress and increase your chances of conception is yoga. According to a study shown on CBC news fertility patients that practiced yoga on a regular basis, were able to raise their fertility rates by 35%. If you decide that you want to take up yoga, be sure to take your partner along with you. Studies have shown that up to 10% of male infertility issues are directly related to chronic stress.

When selecting a yoga style it is best to choose one which is gentle and restorative. Hatha or Anusara are both good examples of this type of yoga. Because of the way that these types of yoga are performed, the stress reducing benefits are maximized. There are also specific poses that you can perform which will better align your pelvis and increase blood flow, which can help with conception. Ask your yoga teacher as to which poses are best for you to perform.

5. Invest in a proven natural fertility system like “Pregnancy Miracle”

Lisa Olson’s Pregnancy Miracle is a 279 page e-book that focuses the signs and the solutions to infertility and deals with it holistically and effectively. It is also effective for reversing both male and female causes of infertility. Pregnancy Miracle will show you a step by step daily guide to gain control of your body and help you develop a plan to make pregnancy happen. You will be guided an ancient Chinese approach to permanently reverse infertility and get pregnant without drugs and risky surgical operations.

Pregnancy Miracle is different from any other approaches to pregnancy since it is comprehensive, everything is explained in detail. You won’t need another guide for ensuring your pregnancy, with Pregnancy Miracle the strategies are all detailed, from diet to attitude, the entire e-book has it all. Pregnancy Miracle has a personal approach to infertility. Since no women are alike, you will find this complete guide according to your body’s response to infertility.

Pregnancy Miracle is safe to use by men and women alike in any conceiving age. Pregnancy Miracle has no side effects and in fact, more and more women have reported an increase in energy after using the system. Some have also noticed an increase in their sexual drive. Other women, after using Pregnancy Miracle, have had no trouble getting pregnant again. They never had to endure trial and error efforts again thanks to a well researched product like Pregnancy Miracle.

Other noticeable changes after Pregnancy Miracle were regular menstrual periods, decreased bladder and digestion problems, PMS signs and symptoms have been greatly reduced and some have confessed that they felt lighter, no more bloating and are more healthy and younger-looking than ever before.

Pregnancy Miracle has certainly put fertility within reach for thousands of women and couples.

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